Space Invader


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small scale version

Other ways to play Space Invader..

Space Invader for the PC

Space Invaders for the Playstation 2

Space Invaders - Invasion Day for the Playstation 2

Space Invaders for the Playstation

Space Invaders video game (plug into TV)


All about Space Invader game The infamous and much loved Space Invader game is probably the best known Arcade Game in the World. Developed by Toshihiro Nishikado and the Taito Corp in 1978, its continued popularity is near unrivaled even after 27 years.

Kazuo Nakagawa, designer of the Space Invader graphics and logos, quotes Star Wars, Close Encounters and other space invasion books and media as his inspiration for his design. Nakagawa took to creating the graphics with pen and paper and despite it not getting a game of the year title (coming somewhere around 5th place), it still became infamous among game players around the globe. Its popularity and recognition is so great that the Invader character is in use in the crystal and gold Game Academy Show's Trophy.

As most of us die-hard space invader gamers will recall, the game made its debut to the public through man sized, coin operated arcade machines equiped with joysticks (up to 2 players) and buttons for firing. The Space Invader machines became prolific throughout the world, spreading out from the game's home of Japan. Even before it propogated from its country of origin, Space Invaders was reputed to be so popular in Japan that it was responsible for a shortage in Japanese coinage (those blessed 100 Yen coins needed to play the game), and could well have been the catalyst for many a high street games arcade, although the huge games machine found its way into other places, including public bars.

The game further leapt in popularity through Taito's licencing to Midway for release in the US during 1980 and, at pretty much the same time, made its home play debut when it was released on the Atari home games machine which soon became a dedicated Space Invader games machine itself.

The Space Invader game was recently honoured at a press party in July 2003 at Womb, Maruyama-cho, Japan. This marked the game's 25th anniversary and included the world famous characters - represented with visual effects, dance and music. And during August of 2003, in keeping with the celebration of Space Invader's 25th anniversary, Shibuya in Japan was the scene for a dedicated Space Invader game festival. The city was well endowed with huge video screens, flags, posters and even a huge Space Invader Airship which featured the Space Invader battle on widescreens.



In addition and as a compliment to the 25th anniversary celebration of Space Invader, an official CD album was released which included music from 27 well known club artists with 14 tracks. Buy the official Space Invader album online


Learn more ... Space Invader 25th anniversary celebrations.








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